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  • Mary Carolla

COVID-19 Safety Review

So, we’re a couple years into this pandemic business, and a lot of this information may seem repetitive. I think it’s important to review what I’m doing here at Regeneration Massage Therapy to keep us all as safe as possible.


This really isn’t anything new; I’ve always thoroughly cleaned surfaces between clients. I use an EPA-listed disinfectant to clean the surfaces in the massage room. Linens are washed and sanitized for each client. Hand washing and sanitizing is a big part of my day.


I run a HEPA-grade air purifier at all times in the massage room. Between sessions, I turn it to it’s highest setting to facilitate additional air exchange. I also try to open the windows between sessions for a bit to help with air movement. Weather permitting, I may have the windows open during the massage session.


I allow ample time between sessions to make sure I can clean all surfaces properly and to allow the ventilation protocols I have in place to work optimally.


While I do not require clients to be vaccinated at this time, I do want my clients to know that I am fully vaccinated (and have received a booster vaccine). If you have questions or concerns about vaccines or immunizations, I encourage you to reach out to your doctor/primary care provider. They will be happy to help you understand what is best for you.


Masks are required inside the facility at all times. Please wear a well-fitting mask over your nose and mouth to your appointment. If you do not have one, I can provide one for you. I wear a minimum 4-layer surgical-grade mask. I may wear a kn95, n95, or kf94 depending on availability.

Staying Home

This is definitely not new. If I am sick, I will reschedule appointments so I don’t spread illness. I ask the same of you if you are ill. Please just let me know as soon as you can before your scheduled appointment.

I am happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback you have. Thank you for being here and for keeping yourself, me, and each other safe and healthy.

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