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  • Mary Carolla

How Long of a Massage Should I Get?

60 minutes? 90 minutes? 120 minutes?

Your massage session length depends on a variety of factors, including your schedule, your budget, and your goals. So, what does each massage session length provide?

60 minutes

A one-hour session can be a great introduction to massage; long enough to feel relaxed and refreshed, short enough to not feel overwhelmed. This session length is great for younger folks (children and adolescents), who are generally new to massage, and folks who may be medically fragile.

One hour is a good amount of time for a reasonably comprehensive massage covering the whole body. The therapist can focus on a specific area, but work on other areas of the body may need to be shorter or possibly skipped.

75 minutes

A 75-minute session is a great way to get a bit more focused massage work to a specific area without having to sacrifice too much attention to the rest of the body. This is a good compromise when 60 minutes just doesn’t feel like enough, but 90 minutes might feel like too much.

90 minutes

I love 90-minute sessions, both as a massage practitioner and a recipient. An hour and a half is a perfect amount of time to address an area of focus or two (neck and low back, for example) and still have time to provide a thorough massage for the rest of the body. Looking for deep relaxation? A 90-minute massage is fantastic for that as it provides plenty of time for the nervous system to calm down. This is by far my most popular session length.

120 minutes

Two hours is the ultimate in relaxation. The therapist can thoroughly work on the entire body, giving each body segment careful attention while being able to provide detailed focus to specific areas of tension or pain. A two-hour session is a great way to treat yourself when you’re feeling extra tense or stressed.

Massage is good for you in any time increment. You can mix it up by alternating longer and shorter sessions or stick with what you love. I’m happy to help you find what works for you. Book your next massage, in whatever amount of time works for you, here.

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