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No gratuities accepted (But Thanks!)

I know tipping can be common when getting a massage, and tipping is a pretty big part of United States culture. But I do not accept tips/gratuities.

What do you mean, you don’t accept tips? Why not? Money is awesome!

Sure, money is great. And I appreciate my clients’ generous nature. I prefer to set my rates as all-inclusive. This eliminates confusion for clients and keeps things simple for me. Skip the tip and channel that change to more massage sessions for yourself. Or whatever you need or want.

This is what works for me, and other practitioners, professions, and industries are different. I’ve had jobs in the past where tips were essential for me to make a living (I worked in restaurants for soooooo many years), so I get it. Definitely keep tipping those folks. That’s not the position I’m in today. We can keep it simple - no tips for me. Thanks!

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