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  • Mary Carolla

One Word

It’s a brand new year, and for many people that means setting some resolutions for things they’d like to accomplish for the year. Common resolutions relate to health, fitness, or diet. Sometimes people choose to set some financial or budget goals for themselves. Not necessarily bad things, but it can feel a bit overwhelming to feel like one has to change everything all at once. And that kind of overwhelm can be a recipe for failure.

If a bunch of resolutions, or even just one, feels like too much, how about just one word?

A dear friend introduced me to the idea of one word for the new year. Choosing one word is less about setting a goal and more about what I want to notice in my year. It can be about opting to be aware of and acknowledging what is already here. Maybe I want to notice how funny life can be, so I might choose a word like “laughter” or “humor.”

A word for the year gives me something to focus on, to be aware of, and to be curious about. It can guide me but still allow me the opportunity to explore an idea in new ways. The year’s word can be a guiding principle for my goals and give them a unifying purpose.

Choosing a word for your year can be as simple or as elaborate as you like: Write your word down on a post-it note or make a piece of art that represents your word. Put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. And see what unfolds.

This year, I’m choosing the word “love.” In 2023, I will notice all the ways love shows up in my life and in the world. I will no doubt discover new ones and see new ways to contribute in my own way.

And you? Will you choose a word for your year?

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