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  • Mary Carolla

Permission Granted

A person is lying face down while a massage therapist massages their shoulder. The words I forgot what it was like to feel this good in my body are superimposed on the image


This is one of my favorite things to hear from a client.

So often, we spend so much time in pain and discomfort we begin to think it’s normal.

We know we should take five minutes with our foam roller, get out of our office chair and walk down the hall to move our body, or do some stretches. We know it, but we don't do it.

We tell ourselves things like

● "I'll do it later"

● "I don't have time"

● "I will after I finish...."

Then we forget, and we spend more time in pain and discomfort.

Why do we tell our friends and loved ones to take care of themselves, then put ourselves last?

Maybe we feel selfish for focusing on ourselves because that is the conditioning we grew up with? Maybe we feel we don't deserve it? Maybe we feel like we need permission to put ourselves first?

Permission granted.

You never have to feel guilty or selfish for saying, "Hey, I have needs too."

You never have to apologize for doing for yourself what you would do for others.

You deserve to feel good in your body.

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