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  • Mary Carolla

What's that stuff you're using? The Essential Oils

The world of essential oils is pretty vast. So many types, makers/manufacturers, and ideas about how to use them. Many massage therapists like to incorporate essential oils into massage sessions to enhance the experience. I enjoy oils sometimes, and I strive to use them as safely as possible.

Using essential oils safely begins with choosing a high-quality product. I source most of the oils I use or sell from Simply Earth. (For oils Simply Earth doesn’t carry, I generally source from PurePro or Starwest Botanicals.)

Simply Earth is an essential oil company based right here in Wisconsin. It is a small, family-run company that emphasizes using oils safely. Simply Earth has every batch of essential oil third-party tested to make sure they are free from artificial fragrances, contaminants, or fillers. The test reports can be accessed on the company’s website using the batch number printed on each bottle’s label.

There are many delightful essential oils, but I have a few favorites. The old standby, lavender, is certainly one. I also love the deep, rich scent of frankincense. The citrus oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, and my personal favorite bergamot) always lift my spirits. And eucalyptus is handy to help clear those sinuses. My current favorite blend combines lavender and bergamot with just a hint of German chamomile; it always takes me to a calm place.

A Note About Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are highly-concentrated plant materials. Yes, they are natural, but natural does not automatically mean safe for everyone and in every situation.

DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE. It’s important to dilute the essential oils properly to use them safely. Do not apply undiluted essential oils topically. Dilute into an appropriate carrier oil. I generally use jojoba as a carrier. When diffusing into the air through a diffuser, I use the smallest amount I can.

DO NOT INGEST ESSENTIAL OILS. It is simply not safe to do so. Some essential oil companies promote the ingestion of oils (for what it’s worth, Simply Earth strongly recommends against the practice), but I think that is irresponsible and not worth the risk. There are many safe ways to use essential oils; ingestion is not one of them.

If you would like to try incorporating essential oils into a massage session, let me know. We’ll choose something you like and is safe for your individual needs.

*Please note: I am not being compensated in any way by Simply Earth, PurePro, Starwest Botanicals, or anyone else, for writing this and/or any other informational piece about the products I use. I just believe my clients have a right to know what it is I’m using in their massage sessions and why.

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