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  • Mary Carolla

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

A snowy day can be so lovely. I love to get cozy with a good book and cup of tea and hang out with my cat and dog as the snow falls. But at some point I have to shovel that snow. Here are some tips to do so safely:

  • Do a short warm up or a few gentle stretches before you get started

  • Make sure your feet are stable and you have good footing before lifting/pushing that snow. This will prevent falls

  • Push the snow rather than lift it whenever possible

  • When you do have to lift that snow, bend your hips and knees and use your legs. This prevents your back and shoulders from having to do all the work

  • Don't overload that shovel if you do have to lift it

  • Take breaks, and take your time. Hurrying through the task could increase your chance of injury

  • If you have a snow blower/thrower, that certainly can make the job easier. It's still a good idea to keep injury prevention in mind. Do a quick warm up to get your body ready for the task (some of those machines are pretty heavy!), make sure your footing is stable, and take it slow

Then, when you're all done, go back inside and get back to reading that book. Or binge-watching that show, Whatever brings you joy on those snowy days!

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