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  • Mary Carolla

Teaching and Learning

I recently began teaching in a massage therapy educational program. My students are fantastic, and the first cohort I have taught is about to graduate. I’m so proud of them; they have such an amazing path ahead of them.

One of the joys of teaching is, of course, sharing what I’ve learned over the years and seeing (and feeling!) these promising new therapists put what they’re learning into practice. Being a massage therapist in my own practice is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I’m more than 20  years into this profession, and I absolutely want to continue for at least 20 more.

Another joy of teaching is the seemingly endless opportunities I have to add to my own learning; especially discovering new perspectives and rediscovering old techniques. I’ve found myself pulling some things out of my mental archives to incorporate into my sessions with my clients. Himalayan salt stones? Don’t mind if I do! Sports massage techniques? Let’s throw some of that in sometimes, too! And there's definitely something to be said for getting back to basics and exploring the foundations of massage therapy.

While dusting off some oldies is great, teaching is a great inspiration to try new things. I’m so excited about new techniques and services I’ll be adding in the coming year. Investing in expanding my skills keeps things fresh for me and for my dear clients. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I have some great things in store for 2024!

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