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  • Mary Carolla

What’s that stuff you're using? Peppermint Pedango

My clients are the absolute best clients in the world. As such, you deserve the absolute best, including the products I choose to use during massage sessions or recommend for care between sessions. Today, meet Pure Pro Peppermint Pedango foot cream.

Pure Pro Peppermint Pedango

This is another product I’ve been using for several years. I especially love using it in reflexology sessions, but Peppermint Pedango makes an appearance in just about all my massage sessions (as long as the client doesn’t have any sensitivities to the scent or ingredients).

And it smells lovely! French peppermint takes the lead in this foot cream. The peppermint melds with hints of lemongrass, organic tea tree, and arnica to create a bright, but not overpowering, scent.

Soothing arnica extract, cooling French peppermint, invigorating lemongrass, and antiseptic tea tree oil gently calm and refresh tired legs and feet. (I keep a bottle at home to use after long days on my feet.)

Peppermint Pedango is also great for diabetic foot care and for easing the discomfort of varicose veins. It’s fantastic for smoothing dry, cracked heels. A little can go a long way, so start with a pea-sized amount and go from there. For context, I use about a pea-sized dollop per foot (at most) in my massage sessions.

A Little Bit About the Company

The founder and president of PurePro is a fellow massage therapist, so I feel good about the products I get from them. Dianne created the products her company sells because of her own challenges with sensitive skin; she wanted to produce high-quality, non-irritating products to use in her practice. PurePro products are nut free, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

Some safety notes:

Be sure to wash your hands before touching your face after using Peppermint Pedango as some of the ingredients could irritate the eyes. Don’t use it on broken or compromised skin. Arnica extract (one of the ingredients) is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing people.

And that’s the low down on Peppermint Pedango. If you’d like to take a treat home for your feet, it’s available in 4 oz pump bottles in the studio.

*Please note: I am not being compensated in any way by PurePro, or anyone else, for writing this and/or any other informational piece about the products I use. I just believe my clients have a right to know what it is I’m using on their bodies and why.

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