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  • Mary Carolla

Why Do You Ask? Occupation

I ask a lot of questions on my new client forms and when meeting my clients for the first time (and, to a lesser degree, at each session). So, I thought it might be a good idea to share why I ask the kinds of questions I ask. I’m not just being nosy; your answers really do help me craft a massage session that best meets your needs. Today, I’m answering, “Why do you ask about my occupation?”

While you’re not required to share your occupation, knowing your occupation helps give me some insight into how you spend your days. A restaurant server and someone who works in a customer service call center have different kinds of physical demands. As do a nurse and an accountant. Every profession has a different set of physical tasks. Knowing a bit about what those are helps me work with you to find the best path toward pain relief, stress reduction, or other wellness goals.

Different occupations also have different mental and emotional stressors. A 911 dispatcher and a teacher have different types of stressors. Not necessarily more or less than each other, but different. Knowing what kind of stress your occupation brings helps us figure out how to use your massage session best to address that stress. Or maybe you’re living the dream and work doesn’t stress you much at all. That’s awesome! And good to know, too.

But it’s not all work. I like knowing about any significant activities in your life, like hobbies or physical exercise in which you participate. As with work, play stresses our bodies in different ways. Sewing and gardening can manifest different kinds of aches. Same goes for marathon runners and softball players. Video gaming and chasing the grandkids around the yard have differing effects. It’s just the nature of differing physical movements.

I work together with my clients to create the best massage treatment plan for your needs. That process works best if I have good information to lay the groundwork. To schedule your customized-just-for-you massage therapy session, call/text 608.620.8095 or book online.

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